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Digital Learning Day


As our use of technology is ever changing, growing, and adapting, Digital Learning Day is becoming ever more prevalent as every year passes.

With the Pandemic having impacted so many lives and disrupted so much schooling, we can only be thankful that technology has been there to help act as a buffer for distance learning. Teachers, students, and parents alike are all able to benefit from using technology to help make their own lives easier and smoother with digital learning!

Digital Learning takes shape in many forms, such as online courses, accessing digital content, virtual classrooms, and virtual meetings, to name a few. Learning is become more mobile and can happen anywhere and at any time. The learning available must be as high-quality, accessible, and engaging as possible so that everyone feels that they are receiving the best of the best and want to pursue their learning experience!

Digital Learning Day is here to help ensure that every student has the learning opportunities they both need and deserve. Having a well-rounded digital knowledge which has been formed from a fun and engaging experience is so important as it keeps individuals engaged and keen to expand upon their knowledge!

If you would like to learn more about Digital Learning Day can do for you, visit https://all4ed.org/digital-learning-day/


The ISO 9001 Certification


InControl Marketing have been granted ISO 9001 certification – woohoo to us!

Wasn’t overly rigorous as we were doing a lot of it anyway or at least moving in that direction, so nice to have confirmation of our direction of travel. Received great help from Dan and Perry at ISO Quality Services Ltd.

We’re a great believer in the value of pursuing process and procedure changes so long as they tie in with our aspiration of encouraging relevant communications to relevant people at relevant times and driving forward with the mantra of wanting happy, engaged and educated users of the Marketing Portal.

Roll on ISO 27001 – next on the hit list


Keeping Hearts Beating

Introducing Keeping Hearts Beating the Office Supplies initiative to increase the number of publicly accessible defibrillators.

Increased community engagement through initiatives such as Keeping Hearts Beating (KHB) is a great differentiator and can bring significant value to both you and your locale.

It may help that The Boss Federation are also partnering with this life saving initiative and are offering a limited number of grants to businesses wishing to engage with it.

To help you further we’ve posted a suite of collateral on your Marketing Portal.

We’re all very grateful that we’re seeing a growing number of businesses using KHB very effectively to engage with their communities and at the same time drive deeper customer and prospect interaction for themselves, a rare ‘win-win’ in these turbulent times.

No doubt you will have seen all the media coverage of many high profile sudden cardiac arrests in the last year or so, not least at Fulham FC only this weekend, and with this in mind the time to act is now and we urge you to consider getting involved.

Should you require any more information, please review the content in your Marketing Portal account. If you have a PDF Only account and would like to upgrade, please contact us.

More information can also be found on the Keeping Hearts Beating website