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incontrol marketing red nose day

Red Nose Day

incontrol marketing red nose day
Red Nose Day is back, and this year’s theme is ‘You’. Focusing on us, the people at home, and what we can all do to help to raise money for such an amazing cause!
Whether you decide to bake, take up some challenges or simply donate, you can make a difference and change lives.
Every year, communities come together to help raise money for those most in need.   Comic Relief has partnerships with a multitude of amazing projects and organisations, both globally and in the UK. It is your donations which help fund these projects to support people who need help to break free from poverty, violence, and discrimination.
Tune in to BBC One tonight at 7pm and get ready for a night full of comedy specials, live performances, and music from some of the biggest names!
To donate online, please follow the link below –
inControl Marketing Social Media Self Seve Templates

Friendlier Social Media Assets in your Marketing Portal

inControl Marketing Social Media Self Seve Templates

You know this but perhaps worth saying again that when you’re promoting your business across your social media platforms, it’s important to remember that your posts shouldn’t always be product driven, so to help …..

Jump into the Self-Serve area of the Marketing Portal and search for ‘March’ in keywords

Check out this month’s Social Media content including:

·Mother’s Day

·St Patricks Day

·Red-Nose Day

·And more

To take it back a step; if you’ve not linked your marketing portal account to your social media accounts yet then all you need to do is go to System Settings in the top right corner and then click Social Media.

Show your friendlier face 

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international womens day

International Women’s Day

international womens day
International Women’s Day is here to help to Break the Bias and aim for a world without stereotypes.
Women deserve positive visibility and recognition for their accomplishments, and so by celebrating women’s achievements we can call out inequality and help to forge a gender equal world!
Whether deliberately or subconsciously, bias can make it difficult for women to break ground in what is known as a ‘Man’s World.’ Individually we can all play our part to speak out against discrimination and gender bias to help level the playing field.
International Women’s Day supports several missions to help raise awareness of the need for a world without bias or restrictions: focusing on empowerment, health, technology, and businesses. Raising awareness, standing out against inequality celebrating important gains, wins, and successes are all key factors to help build a greater understanding around such an important movement.
Identifying our goals in both our personal lives and the wider world is important. We can all take it upon ourselves to celebrate women’s achievements, challenge bias and speak out for any form of injustice we see.
International Women’s Day is a wonderful platform to start from and there is so much information, help, guidance and support out there for those who wish to make a stand. Many industries, governments and communities support and celebrate this day – and you can be one of them!
For more information and support, please visit https://www.internationalwomensday.com/
Marketing Demo Missing Piece

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Are you feeling that your business is lacking in marketing, or that this could be an area you could improve on but just don’t know where to start?
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Whether you feel that you are struggling to set aside enough time to be creating your own email marketing campaigns, you want some more guidance or just want complete freedom to create your own marketing and social media collateral – we have choices and options for everyone!

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