inControl x Calidore

In these times it’s never been more important to collaborate and work together. As Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

So lets get started. 

Integration & the benefits

  • Send contacts in real-time from Prima to an address book in The ICM Marketing Portal
  • Run multiple queries to multiple address books
  • Target specific customers or business groups
  • No more exporting & importing of contacts & it works the other way so your unsubscribed are always synchronised
  • Campaign feedback all in one place

Automated & triggered campaigns.
Set it once & walk away

Prima triggered, or automated campaigns are based on various scenarios:

  • Customers buying for the first time
  • Rank us 1-to-5 and leave us a Google Review
  • Target lapsed customers 
  • Increased or decreased spenders
  • Prospects 


Q. Can we set up a sequence of emails?
A. Yes, you can set a single email response to the trigger or you can set a sequence of emails to go over a period of time.
Q. What does or do the emails look like? 
A. You can use our creative content or have your own produced and we’ll upload it for you
Q. What are the variable/changeable/personalisable details in an email? 
A. There’s a wide range, but as examples you could have customer name, ecommerce link, product details, order details, voucher code, voucher description, percentage value and all the personalisation details – account manager name, email, phoine etc.

How it Works

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