IT Marketing Portal Managed Services

Benefit from a Q2 Managed Service agenda packed with a great mix of product and service marketing content and prospecting and lead generation collateral made up of personalised emails, landing pages and social media content.

Prospecting and Lead Generation Examples

A simple stream of consistent, quality and easy to understand messages geared towards generating brand awareness and brand recognition. It’s the old adage, you’ve got to be in it to win it, so being distinctive gets you considered, whilst being different gets you preferred.

Get and keep your company name out there!

Back-up and recover your files
with confidence

IT Support through to Disaster
Recovery services

Did you know we do Cyber Security?


Product and Service Examples

Designed to raise awareness of what you can deliver, to create opportunities and support your sales engagement, in short, drive value and growth

Unified Communications

unified communications managed campaign

BaaS & DRaaS

Stay productive with VMware SD-WAN

New to Managed Services?

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What’s the process? 

  • We create your Marketing Portal account complete with artwork, contact details and brand colouring 
  • You get a quarterly heads up of the content and schedule
  • A Preview email 7 days before each campaign 
  • From the preview you can opt-out of the campaign 
  • Alternatively stay opted-in and you can select your mailing list(s) (it’s your list of contacts; there’s a 3rd Party GDPR Agreement set up between us at the outset stating you’re the data controller and we’re your data processor so like MailChimp or any other third-party platform provider your Customer Contact details are secure and private)   
  • Select the date and am/pm you want to send or post 
  • If there’s prices on the campaigns, which is a rarity, then you can adjust them here 
  • The campaign gets sent and you get a report with the key metrics 
  • Login to your account and check the metrics and delve a little deeper  
  • Link your Marketing Portal account to your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts to post to 
  • Enjoy the benefits of the Self-Serve library of content and the great Create Your Own email functionality