Managed Services

You don’t have time to create, test and schedule campaigns? Don’t worry, we’ll do everything for you, from the design, to the testing and reporting

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Key Features

preview before sending

You will recieve a preview email from us showing the campaign which is due to go. Here you can change the subject line for the email, select the mailing lists you would like it to go to and also opt in for the social media asset

Branded and Unique content

Branded content from well-known manufacturers such as Fellowes, DURABLE, Pilot, Seagate, Quantum and many more! Not to forget the Unique Content we create!

Change the date of send

We set a generic date for everyone...this doesn't mean you have to send it out then. Simply change the date of send in the preview email you recieve


After 48 hours, we will resend your campaign to the contacts who did not previously open it. If you would prefer to not send a second email then you can let us know!

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