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“It’s really important to see the detailed reporting that InControl provides.  Each campaign report provides valuable insight allowing us to see how strong our campaigns are working for us and it’s great to see that the open rates have grown considerably over the last 12 months.”

Lesley Howe
Channel Development Manager Brother UK

A platform to support and boost reseller marketing activity

“You give your resellers a single portal with all the tools they need to send powerful and profitable marketing content to their audiences.  You get the reporting functionality you need to measure engagement and track results.”

Sian Haskall – Director of Marketing, Integra Business Solutions

Why the Marketing Portal?

our marketing portal
  • It has become increasingly difficult for manufacturers to reach consumers with their messages.
  • Communication channels to consumers are often weak and ineffective
  • Wholesalers don’t sell products and brands
  • Resellers receive little direct communication on branded products and promotions
  • Consumers receive even less

Channel Marketing Stages

Designed to connect manufacturers with resellers and their consumer customers so that vendor messages can be delivered effectively and economically.  Each reseller has their own account automatically making content personalised and personalisable.

The Marketing Portal facilitates the downloading, posting, sending, linking and measurement of vendor messages.