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The ICM EcoSystem is your EcoSystem

It means collaboration with your support structure and the others in the channel that help to power your business. Together we’re relentlessly driving your productivity with relevant integrations and relationships.

We ‘Meet in the Channel’ and focus on working better together, because we all have common goals. That is we want to help you to accelerate your growth, your brand recognition and your customer engagement?

We’re embedded in your channel where high performing collaborative partners bring value. 

We call it Through Channel Marketing

We take marketing collateral from vendors, wholesalers, buying groups, agencies, all supplemented by data houses, CRMs, e-catalogues and ERPs and smash it together in your marketing portal so at your finger tips you have enough marketing material to drive every facet of your marketing need.

What is our inspiration?

Our inspiration is to drive relevant communications to relevant people at relevant times.

Partner relationship management is key and we have an aggressive roadmap, access to expertise and a great understanding of our and your EcoSystem

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Who do we work with?

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