The Marketing Portal Content Brief

We exist to store, share and measurably post, email, download marketing and training collateral by the independent reseller channel to their end users – your buyers.

What does good look like? Quick and easy to use, clear and relevant for the people they’re sending to. 

We offer 3 modules – Self-Serve, Create Your Own and Managed Services

Let’s go ….


Assets for the Self-Serve (library) module

  • HTML for emails and landing pages
    • We’d prefer coded – see icm coding page.
    • We’ll accept flat designs.
    • We’re happy to make amends.
    • Links to resellers web stores
    • Personalisation – to who, from who, products, pricing and more
    • Feedback forms, surveys
    • PDF downloads
    • Video in landing pages
    • Triggered / automated and sequenced emails e.g. new account, 1st order placed, birthday, abandoned basket, doesn’t order x from us, hasn’t ordered y product in z months, hasn’t ordered for x days.
  • PDF’s
    • To personalise for the reseller community, allow a 210 x 60 space for their personalisation. If appropriate pricing and end dates can be left blank and completed by the reseller.
    • A4, multiple page formats
    • We use PDFLib in conjunction with Adobe Acrobat Pro to create dynamic fields in PDFs. Request more info.
  • Social media images 1200px x 675px with accompanying text
  • Social media (suggested) content for LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Social media video (MP4) for social media – max length for TikTok video is 34 seconds, for a video on social media xx seconds
  • Web Banners in the following sizes (some or all can be supplied):
    • 1920px x 448px
    • 450px x 250px
    • 474px x 300px
    • 640px 480px768px x 400px
  • PowerPoint slide decks
  • MS Word & Excel


Assets for the Create Your Own module drag and drop library.

  • The optimum width for our emails is 600px wide so images to work within that constraint please.
  • Snippets are little html articles that can be dragged in to construct a newsletter or supplement an email – 600px max please.

Assets for Managed Campaigns module (Including any from the Self-Serve list too)

  • High-Res Product Images
  • Completed Product list from excel sheet – here
  • Hero images
  • Lifestyle images
  • Promotional copy for campaign content
  • Existing landing pages for inspiration
  • Videos