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Whether you’re looking to build awareness, drive enquiries or convert more leads, our Marketing Portal will help you get better results. Combine the improved  circulation of your marketing campaigns through your resellers and out to your target customers we’ll bolster the proposition with improved data modelling, data insights, so in future you can get more compelling offers with even higher-quality responses from your customers.

Case Study 1: COLOP

Want to raise awareness and drive sales of innovative e-mark product

Lovely little innovative product that promises to change users lives whilst at the same time it offers resellers good margin and recurring revenue opportunity, but it’s not generating the expected level of demand through the channel.

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Colops e-mark introduces us to the world of mobile printers. We didn’t know there was such a thing and I’m fairly sure that we’re not alone. So problem one is to educate resellers and end users about mobile printing. What is it and what can it do and for whom? 


Problem two is why bother? We’ve got this far without one. So, what can we do to overcome lethargy and drive demand?   


Problem three’s can I get hold of it, from where and is it worth it? Can I demo it, what do I need to know – is the juice worth the squeeze?  


It’s sold both direct and through wholesalers for a standard price and they’re prepared to offer a low value associated product (a ruler) as a sweetener. There’s lots of collateral available to work with and there’s good margin on a higher value product. Colop would be keen to use this as an opportunity to engage directly with resellers. 


It’s a good product, with good margin and recurring revenue opportunities, with a good supply either direct and or through the wholesalers and there’s a shed load of sales and training collateral including some lovely, really good explainer videos. 


For ICM it’s an opportunity to demonstrate a nice joined up strategy as it involves comms direct with dealers to introduce and promote e-mark and then to offer the resellers all the marketing and training material they’ll need to go to market. 


We have a ICM Process to work through to come up with answers in terms of what should be in the creative; both out to the reseller and then for the reseller to use to their customers. 


In the Self Serve Library and through Managed Campaigns we’ve got the ability to implement campaigns and make them measurable and testable against set set expectations and targets using SMART objectives and we’ve got a burgeoning ICM Community that are willing and able to give us feedback, thoughts, suggestions, good and bad. 


In this instance the set goals were around lead generation from resellers and end users. Has our activity moved the dial in terms of enquiries and sales? 


This is a great little product and more than anything it should be great fun selling it.There’s opportunity everywhere! Great fun and good margin! Wouldn’t it be good if … ! I’d really like to have my name on that! Help your customers to look distinctive and stand out! 


Well, how did we do?

Case Study 2: Brother UK

Building on and maintaining
the Brother brand

It takes a lot of time, effort and expenditure to build a brand, but it’s so worth it; for the right audience you become memorable and it just gives would-be consumers the confidence to buy. 

As a brand like Brother, your reputation is all because it’s about perception and positioning so when Brother entrust you with their visual assets, their plans and other resources you take it seriously and just feel really honoured to be trusted to do the right thing. 

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You know that they know what they’re doing, in terms of brand strategy, brand identity and brand marketing. Their target is to tip the balance in their favour in a competitive market. 


To keep the name out there we need to recruit resellers who support the brand, encourage usage of the Brother marketing and report back on the numbers in order to help them identify trends and narratives. 


What’s the target number of eyes on the brand and is it traceable so they stand a chance of measuring any form of ROI? 


What activity moves the needle?

We’re delighted when we get to quote Lesley Howe, the Brother Channel Development Manager who says “It’s really important to see the detailed reporting that Incontrol provides. Each campaign report provides valuable insight allowing us to see how strong our campaigns are working for us and it’s great to see that the open rates have grown considerably over the last 12 months.” Thanks Lesley, sums it up nicely.

Case Study 3: 3M

Want eyes on the brand with
measurable outcomes

Post it note popularity isn’t by accident. 

There’s a continual drive to get more eyes on the brand and then to get some usable feedback and transparency. It’s imperative that 3M retain control of the brand and the message, and ideally to be able to measure a return. The Self Serve Library and Managed Campaigns assure this while allowing for reseller personalisation throughout. 

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We know from our stats that there’s increased demand from resellers; the themes are popular and people like the creatives and messages, with the result being increased numbers across the board. 


The uniqueness of the Marketing Portal is the account structure that allows us to aggregate and feedback the results both of an individual campaign and to see trends over time, so we can say in absolute confidence that, even in a challenging market, there are Increases in the number of participating resellers, leading to increasing sends, opens and click throughs to drive traffic to resellers webstores. 


It’s enlightening and encouraging both in absolute numbers and averages over time.

Case Study 4: Beeswift

Product launch proves popular for all the right reasons, nearly. And today’s lesson is that we all operate in an ecosystem with partnerships everywhere.

Beeswift, a power player in the increasingly important and popular workwear sector launched a fabulous looking range of environmentally friendly and sustainable workwear.

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No doubt a huge investment and a really great message. It was the combination of the workwear category and the sustainability message that attracted us to run this campaign. We jumped in with both feet. 


We produced a series of 3 emails to run in consecutive weeks, each going back to an ICM generated landing page for each participating reseller where we could run videos, downloads, feedback forms, surveys if required. 


We provided the participants with suggested social media content across their integrated Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, and we promoted it out to the groups and to the resellers, and then it happened. 


The resellers hadn’t got the product file on their website so the projected reseller take up fell from over 80% to just over 50%. Disappointing but the ecosystem we all work in hadn’t quite caught up with our enthusiasm or vice versa. 


Let’s go back a step; in ECi’s recent report “The secret recipe to B2B e-commerce success” clearly states that the most successful EvoX sites have 17 catalogues turned on and that “there is more opportunity for distributors to create partnerships with wholesalers providing regularly updated product content.” 


The resultant numbers were good, but could’ve been far better. What have we learnt? 1) Help dealers get their data better is a standard mantra and everyday we’re moving in that direction, and 2) Check that product data is in place and that the ecosystem we all operate in is ready. It’s not just product data, but samples, logistics etc. all fall under this heading. 


We’ll take this one on the chin and learn and we’ll run it again in September and we’ll get it better than before, because we’ll be better prepared. We still love the product and the message 🙂

Case Study 5: AM Dunnes

Let's get the party started

The Irish based wholesaler approached ICM about wanting to improve their marketing to their dealer community. The comms would be mainly around offers, new products and ranges. This was phase 1 with phase 2 being to provide the resellers with an ICM Marketing Portal Cube account with a stream of marketing collateral from a range of brands for the resellers to use to market out to their end users.

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A good starting point was the AM Dunne Fusion catalogue, built into the Create Your Own area available for Dunnes and for the resellers to use in Cube. (Cube being an ICM branded portal for Business Supplies resellers). This is then supplemented by the Asset Libraries that are added to each month to provide a starting point for creating great looking emails with none product specific imagery. Hero images and those little images that can make all the difference when you want your emails to just look fab. 


Being channel specific has helped Dunnes to get started because like so many of us they’re busy doing other things as well as marketing. 


Introducing Neomount products was the first range and it soon became obvious that the emails out to the resellers was a bit of hit with 2 of the most visited pages on Dunnes EvoX site were the Neomount pages promoted in the emails, but the query came back that ‘that’s great but we’ve not generated any sales!’  Time for phase two I suggested; simply going out to the resellers and telling them you do this possibly won’t generate sales because you have to get the dealers to sell before they’ll order! Let’s put some collateral into the portal to see if we can get any take up.