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Managed Email Campaigns

Want to send more emails to your clients or prospects but don’t have the time, expertise, or resource?

We can manage your email campaigns for you promoting products and services to customers and prospects.

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managed campaigns

Managed Email Campaigns

preview before sending

You will receive a preview email from us showing the campaign as well as any relevant information. Here you can change the subject line for the email, select the mailing lists you would like it to go to, and opt-in for the social media asset.

Branded and Unique content

Branded content from well-known manufacturers such as Microsoft, Dell, Seagate, Quantum and many more! Not to forget the Unique Content we create!

Change the date of send

We set a generic date for everyone, but this does not mean you have to send it out on that date. Simply change the date of send in the preview email you receive.


After 48 hours, we will resend your campaign to the contacts who did not previously open it. If you would prefer to not send a second email then you can let us know!

Select Mailing Lists

When your account is set up for Email Managed Campaigns a default mailing list will be selected. However, you will be able to change this any of your mailing lists in your account depending on the type of content you are sending.

Choose your content

We undertand that our resellers may specialise in Office Products and IT based products. This means you have the choice of opting for one or the other and even both if you wish.


Managed Email Campaigns are even better when your company logo, company colours and company details are all pulled through automatically

Change Pricing

During the preview stage of the campaign you will receive a preview email which will allow you to change the pricing (if there is any on the campaign) included on the email and landing page

At the heart of this is our unique Marketing Portal

  • We work with your channel partners to make relevant marketing available for you to use

  • Because if quality content is king, then channel collaboration is key (to profitable growth)

  • We blend this collaborative approach with our unique SaaS Marketing Portal, providing you with a world-class marketing delivery method.  

  • The aspiration is for you to send relevant communications, to relevant people, at relevant times

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