How to: introduce Personalisation
into my emails

Let’s start with Why should we?

  • It encourages engagement – they see Hi Gerald, Julie, Fred and react far better than just a generic nothingness.
  • As such it improves Open Rates – open rates are only ever a guide but the target is to see upward trends and personalisation can be a key driver.
  • Improves conversions – it’s an easy win.
  • Increases Customer Retention – they tend to stay around longer if they can see messages that speak directly to them.
  • and it Increases Trust – and trust is key to building quality relationships.



So, loads of good reasons to use Personalisation, now what can I personalise?

Just about anything, but let’s start with some of the basics

Who’s the email going to?

Where and who it’s coming from?

Why are you sending it?

We’ve got a standard set that’s available to all of our users and we’re always happy to talk with you about what can be done to improve yours and our performance.

How do I do personalisation?

One pot of contact data is way better than having lots of different pots.

More and more integrations are available, reducing the number of downloads and uploads.

Work on your data – it’s a bore but it adds value and some people find it interesting, so square pegs for square holes.

Add Personalisation Variables into the email – Check out

Test it and send it

Moving on:

Triggered emails; send your emails while you’re sitting on the beach!

Triggered emails – pick a scenario – someone signed up to receive a newsletter, just placed their first or second order, hasn’t placed an order in x number of days, the value of their orders has fallen etc.

Create Vouchers – you haven’t ordered in 30 days, happy birthday, merry christmas

Identify Gaps – you’ve bought this but not this


Well kept data is key.

Happy to help – just ask