Prima and inControl

“We have been delighted with the triggered emails functionality from The ICM Marketing Portal. This is a really powerful tool when linked to Prima. It really helps drive targeted activity

Pete Price, MD Office Essentials

In these times it’s never been more important to collaborate and work together. As Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

So let’s get started.

Step 1:
Setting up the Integration
with Prima

Step 2:
Pushing contacts from Prima into ICM Portal

Step 3:
Setting up Automated Routines with Prima

Automated & triggered campaigns.

Use them at every point in the customer journey

Set them up once & walk away

Prima triggered, or automated campaigns are based on various scenarios:


Welcoming new business– a company that has placed an order for the first time.


Lapsed/lost business – this can be refined to whatever the customer wants but as an example, this could be run on the 15th of the month to find all accounts that have not yet spent £1 after spending at least £50 in the month before. Some of our clients prefer to run this quarterly (furniture dealers for example)


Increased spenders – again, this can be refined to any values but as an example, this could be run on the 1st of the month to recognise a customer that has spent £1,000 last month, after the month before spending £500. Some of our furniture clients don’t like this campaign for obvious reasons and is probably the least popular!


Lapsed business by a % – refined to whatever values are preferred but this could be to find all accounts that have dropped in spend by say 50% so they have not fully lapsed but you may want to reach out as a reminder to offer a discount, promotion, raise awareness of a category etc.

The above are the key parts of our integration with regards to “spend queries”. The other campaigns to consider, as there are many filterable fields you can use, would include:

• Customer Newsletter
• Prospect List
• List by Acc Mgr
• By specific area/postcode/town
• Business Group E.G school, healthcare, solicitor
• Specific competitor
• Client rating (gold, silver, bronze etc)
• Target product category


Q. Can we set up a sequence of emails?
A. Yes, you can set a single email response to the trigger or you can set a sequence of emails to go over a period of time.
Q. What does or do the emails look like? 
A. You can use our creative content or have your own produced and we’ll upload it for you
Q. What are the variable/changeable/personalisable details in an email? 
A. There’s a wide range, but as examples you could have customer name, ecommerce link, product details, order details, voucher code, voucher description, percentage value and all the personalisation details – account manager name, email, phoine etc.

How it Works

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