ICM driving customer engagement

ICM driving your customer engagement with the ongoing Deliverability Project

…. and on it goes 

The ongoing Deliverability Project; the aim of which is to drive your engagement with your contacts. 

To date we’ve taken various actions that have happened in the background to drive improved email deliverability, however we’ve now reached the stage where our actions may well draw your attention. 

The reasons for us acting are to help you to improve your communications, your online presence and move towards improved compliance.

The next step is …. we intend to suppress contacts who consistently don’t open your emails. 

Why? Simply, they’re doing you more harm than good. In terms of best practice, legislation, online reputation and probably spam reports.

You may well see a drop off in the number of contacts being sent to, but you should see a higher open rate and an increase in the level of engagement. 

These contacts have been suppressed and not unsubscribed. This means you can bring them back to your live lists, see Fig1




If you do want to bring the con tact back then our advice would be to change the type and nature of the email you send to them.

If you have any questions or queries, please ask.

We hope that you view this as a proactive and positive action to help your email marketing efforts.