Simple steps to successful emails

Simple steps to successful emails

Get your email in the inbox

First things first – get your domain records sorted – SPF, DKIM and DMARC – if they’re a mystery then just ask, but without the foundations your house will collapse so let’s not waste everyone’s time building a spectacular house that will fall over with the first gust of wind. Please get these done because without them your emails won’t get into the recipients inbox.

Get it opened

All you’ve got to work with is the From Name and the Subject Line

Proven subject lines usually fall into one of the below:

  • Create curiosity – have you seen x, I blame y, why did we hand our x, why we paid…, was this you [[FIRST_NAME]]?
  • Offer a particular benefit – saves time, money, lighter, faster, more, less, get the xxx you want and do it in x days, generate x in y days.
  • A level of scarcity – won’t last much longer, while it lasts, limited, deadline, last chance, you’re about to miss out [[FIRST_NAME]].
  • Focus on the result – it achieved x in y time, helped us achieve y, how to reduce y.

Look to develop some go-to’s that you can reuse time and again.

And if you’re life depended on 50% of people opening this email what would I use as a subject line?

Use emojis and personalisation

From Names

Who you send the email from.

Please not Sales and not info – it’s lazy and bad.

If someone is the face of the business then use their name

Alternatively use a name and company name – ‘Geoff from xyz’ is great (if you’re names Geoff)

Use the Pre Header Text aka Second Subject Line

I can hear you now – what’s that then?

icm pre header texts

It’s simply a little intro piece and it reads far better than something like ‘Having trouble viewing this email’ which is the seeming alternative. Don’t waste it

Avoid the purge

What do you do when you first get out of bed?

Coffee, loo, snooze, mix of all of the above, and check and delete emails?

Timing is key.

Too busy to engage and open emails, so delete, delete, delete.

Send or schedule emails to go after 10.00 and not too late in the evening.

Know your customers.

Engagement is the key

Get it in the inbox, get it opened, get it read, get it engaged with getting click throughs.

Click throughs are leads.

A single Call to Action (CTA) is ok, but four works better.

Use images as links.

More links equals more clicks, and more clicks is more leads.

Use images better

People click on images.

Images set as video image work really well.

Use gifs to spice up the email.

And above all make the email interesting and useful.

Keep your name in front of your customers to stay in their consideration.