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We’re a key member of the independent reseller channel ecosystem

As such, we’re here to help you to amplify your marketing and unleash your resellers.

As such, we’re here to help you to amplify your marketing and unleash your resellers

We’re building a model based on a growing base of recurring, relevant end users that will create
predictable, transparent, and increasing engagement with your marketing campaigns.
So if…

You want your campaigns to be direct to consumer?

You want to shorten sales cycles and grow revenue?

You want your customer to recognise your brand and understand why they need this product?

We supply resellers with your marketing materials and the mechanism for them to share, post, and send to their clients and customers. 

So, what can the ICM Marketing Portal do?

Our marketing portal is structured around 4 pillars

managed email campaigns marketing

Managed Service Campaigns

  • Book your slots for scheduled Managed
    Email Campaigns, complete with landing
    page link and supplementary content
  • We send Campaign Previews to resellers
    allowing them to opt in or out and select an appropriate price, date and time of send, subject line and mailing list.
  • You get a Campaign Report showing the
    headline stats
  • Great for keeping your brand out there and driving engagement
self serve marketing library


  •  Sales Enablement Add your campaigns and
    content to a bank of ready to use brand
    compliant marketing assets
  • Personalised and personalisable emails,
    landing page, pdfs, banners, social media
    content & MS docs
  • Save time, win more business, be relevant
    and productive
create your own marketing

Create Your

  • Quick and easy email creation for resellers
  • Integrated product libraries and channel
    specific Asset Banks brimming with relevant,
    usable content
  • A balance of helping resellers with relevant
    content with a flexible solution to satisfy
    their individual marketing goals

And the fourth pillar..

Repeating the wrong thing over and again isn’t a great strategy.

We’ll work with you to identify what works and what doesn’t.

‘‘ The ICM superpower is the Marketing Portals unique account structure that delivers personalised and hence more user friendly materials and in a measurable, transparent way. When harnessed we can change the way the industry goes about their marketing.’’

Simply run your campaigns out or work with us to plan your activities.
Let’s see if we can close the gap between what you currently do for reseller marketing, and what you’d like to
And all with Business Intelligence providing transparency