Generate Leads Through Email

Generate Leads Through Email: Tips For Writing Good Sales Emails

We want our marketing read and engaged with…. right?

We all know that breaking through to your target audience when you’re up against everything else that hits their inbox can be tough. The foundation of strong performance with email marketing  is content – from the subject line to the body of your email, you have to be concise and persuasive.

Less is often more in email

Encourage a prospect to open and read your message by making everything about the process easy. A reader shouldn’t have to try to figure out what you mean, and no one wants to read more than one or two short paragraphs  when they open an email. In fact, some experts recommend limiting your message to one or two powerful sentences.

Spend time on your Subject Lines

You should be aiming for the reader to think “Yes, that seems like something I want to know more about.” Avoid gimmicks such as all caps or a row of punctuation, and use a subject line that identifies the content as simply and powerfully as possible. There’s more on Subject Lines here.

Subject lines must be enticing but honest. They should provide an idea of what’s inside, but not give the whole package away. The point of a subject line is to encourage the recipient to self-identify as a relevant reader.

Personalise appropriately


Email is a person-to-person communication, so craft messages with that in mind. Put some personality into emails, and whenever possible, put a name and contact information at the bottom. Customise emails with the names of your recipients when possible, but do so appropriately. Most individuals today can tell the difference between a personalised email and a fill-in-the-blank mailer.

Let’s show you how to easily add personalisation to your emails

Create a straightforward, simple Call To Action (CTA)

No matter how creative your subject line is or compelling your content, if you don’t provide instructions for the reader, they can’t become a conversion. Include a CTA in every email, whether you want the reader to click a link, make a phone call, or respond to the message. Make sure the call to action is short and easy to follow – the reader won’t have a lot of time!

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